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Meet the Renegades

Our dancers are a collection of talented performers, each with a particular style, who combine dancing, singing, humor, and the surprise of artistic whimsy. We stimulate. We defy. We empower. We are the Risqué Renegades.

Forever Victoria

Victoria Sprong, a.k.a., “CB Diva”, was a Risqué Renegades founding member. CB Diva passed away unexpectedly following the Risqué Renegades debut performance in 2022 as a result of a collision with an intoxicated driver. Victoria was an incredible mother of three young children, the primary breadwinner for her family, a beloved wife & daughter, and a wonderful friend. The Risqué Renegades are honored to have shared the stage with such a dynamic performer. Every show includes the Risqué Renegade’s CB Diva tribute dance, “I Like It Heavy” to honor this badass woman. Please consider contributing to the support of Victoria’s family by clicking the link below.

Stimulate. Defy. Empower.
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